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    Be part of oneSTore Exchange
    Are you a local logistic in your region? Contact us and be part of a growing association
    of local logistics thru oneSTore Exchange.
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    Pre-defined Packages
    Put everything in the box, Exchange simplifies B2B transaction
    thru pre-defined packages.
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    oneSTore Exchange
    oneSTore Exchange is a Business to Business E-commerce Web Application that
    operates nationwide and caters primarily to Philippine consumers.
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    oneSTore Partners
    oneSTore Exchange partners with national
    logistics that provides big discount on bulk

Delivery Service

oneSTore provides secured and convenient delivery system through our partner Logistics....

Customer Service

oneSTore provides customer service to our beloved customers until they are fully satisfied with the Service...


oneSTore provides 5 days money-back guarantee. Just let our Logistics know about your concern...

Our Hubs

  • Balbins Furniture
  • NutriDense Food Manufacturing Corporation
  • C.E.C. Food Ventures
  • Magz Company
  • LightHouse Cooperative

Product By Sector

Sector: Agriculture

Sector: Furniture

Sector: Handicrafts

Sector: Metals

Sector: Others

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Top Rated

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  • P3669.12
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